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2003-01-19  -  CVS snapshots available.
I added a link to the sidebar that allows to download a current snapshot of the sourcecode.

2002-06-15  -  100 Downloads!!!!
As the current statistics show JBotRace has reached the fantastic number of 100 downloads!!! ;-)

2002-06-07  -  Development started again.
After a long pause I have started working on JBotRace again. I'm am also searching for new developers now to help me with the really difficult parts.

2002-03-27  -  New version 0.1.1 released!
I just uploaded a new version. The most obvious change is the new track graphic. Most other changes are bugfixes. I did not yet finish a new version of the physical model. It's really more difficult than I thought. If someone wants to help.....

Click for larger image!

Status update: The most significant bugs and gui problems of the last release are fixed and I'm currently working on a new pysical model, that calculates the forces separately for each wheel. It's not as easy as I hoped, but I will complete it before working on any other part of the program. A race simulator without correct working physics is not ideal.... :-)
The next version of JBotRace will be released immediatly after I finished the physical model. I hope this will be on tuesday or wednesday.

2002-03-19 (later)
The first version of JBotRace is released!

Two new screenshots are available:

Screenshot Screenshot
Click for larger images!

Development is going on. The main parts of the program are finished. It is possible to set up own races. At the moment you can only import tracks from RARS track files. Drivers can be loaded from class or java files. Java files are automaticly compiled.

I just updated the CVS. To test JBotRace you should also download the resources directory (ZIP / TAR.GZ) (old and removed). It includes the graphics for the gui and a directory with all current tracks from rars.

Updated 2003-01-19 Copyright 2002,2003 René Brüntrup